StFacebook Systemrategy Session #1 - Developing a Facebook Marketing Message In Training session #1 you will discover how develop your very own custom marketing message specific to Facebook users. You will also receive a set of proven marketing messages that have already been tested and proven in dozens of industries and 1,000's of businesses. By the end of the training session you will have your very own marketing message that you can put to work on your behalf on Facebook to attract new potential customers to your business You will even be able to use the messages you develop in your updates to fans so you can bring them into a deeper relationship with your company. Strategy

Session #2 - Having a business Presence on Facebook It's not enough to "just be on Facebook". As a business you have to have a place that your customers know they can find you, interact with you, and most importantly do business with you. In training session #2 you will receive a set of templates that you can quickly customize for your business. We include graphical templates that can be modified to create your very own business presence on Facebook. With this session alone you can have your business up and running on Facebook.

Strategy Session #3 - Marketing Your Business in 15 Minutes Daily As a business owner you don't have time to waste. You have time to make sales and make your business run efficiently. We do't want you spending any more time on it than you have to. The goal is to create a system where you are adding 1,2,3,12 new customers daily with limited time involved. In this training session we outline for you the tasks that need to be done daily and the time it takes for each task. As part of the training there is a guide you can print out that tells you what to do, what day to do it, and how much time it will take. You can hand this guide and training to a staff member to get the most out of Facebook in the least amount of time. Strategy Session

#4 - Providing Interesting Information That Guides Them to a Sale It is easy to provide interesting information just put a cat dancing on an iPad! What is difficult is knowing what to update your fans with that will lead them to a sale. In this training session we provide you with a formula that will allow you to develop your very own interest piquing content. The formula will allow you to take the objections, questions, and FAQ's that you currently have and turn them into a sales tool on Facebook. We also have samples of 300+ interest piquing update samples from different industries that you can immediately put to use in your business.

Strategy Session #5 - A Never Ending Source of Facebook Customers Facebook Ads is a source of customers that is 1/3 the cost of Google! Doing it wrong can be extremely expensive. What we have done is put together 3 different training sessions into this one strategy session so you can put Facebook Ads to work on your behalf. You will discover:

  • How to develop a "dream customer profile" that will work on Facebook and how to find more of these future customers.
  • How to slash your costs on Facebook ads with a little known secret that Facebook doesn't reveal in their documentation.
  • Why the more you know about your customer the more money you will make with Facebook ads.

Strategy Session #6 - Reaching out to your Facebook Fans in a Systematic Way Facebook users are constantly being bombarded with requests to play games, take quizzes, and check out videos. As a business owner you want them to be doing business with your company. Sometimes you will be able to just say "I am having a sale come do business" and other times you have to take their hand and lead them to doing business. In this training session you will discover:

  • How to use Facebook events to your advantage to generate traffic to your store, website, or event that you are hosting.
  • How to use comments as a way to generate sales from everyone on your Fan Page not just the person who made the comment.
  • Using different media to reach different customers than using only one form of media.

Strategy Session #7 - The Mindset of Sales With Everything That You Do On Facebook In strategy session #7 we reveal how having the right mindset to success on Facebook is critical to your short and long term success. Having a mindset and a plan to bring customers into "your world" is a key component in profiting from being on Facebook. This session will guide you toward the thinking that is necessary to take a prospect and lead them toward the sale with your company.

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