“Stop Selling Yourself And Let Your Pre-Listing Package With A 201 Point Marketing Plan Do The Selling For You”

Our Pre Listing Packet, which includes our 201 Point Marketing Plan will help you to take more listings by simply SellerProductCD.gifhaving it delivered prior to your listing appointment. Every member of our 1 on 1 coaching program uses this pre listing packet which results in taking more full commission listings and shorter listing appointments.

The PreListing Package includes:

  • An Introduction Letter that compels them to keep reading

  • A Mission Statement that sets you apart from your competition

  • 33 Pages of Content (yes, 5,798 words written for you)

  • My 201 Point Marketing Plan

  • Pricing Guidelines to get the seller in the right mindset for pricing the property where you want it

  • My Easy Exit Listing Agreement With Their Risk Free Guarantee

  • Questions for the seller's to ask other real estate agents (hint: when they read this, it will show them how prepared you are that they won't even want to call another agent)

  • Common real estate myths - Don't leave them guessing, break down their fears and address them without you having to say a word

The template that we provide to you can be easily customized with your logos and information. With just minutes of your own time you can start taking more listings.

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Pre Listing Packet with 201 Point Marketing Plan: Complete Pre Listing Packet, filled with 33 pages of information that does the selling for you. Easily customized with your information in minutes. Take advantage of a pre listing packet that has been tested and used on over 10,000 listing appointments.Amt
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