The buyer script GOLD system will give you the tools that you need in order to convert buyers in 3 minutes or less. Included in this system:

  • Buyer Objection CD - Handle buyers objections with ease and never again be frustrated with a buyer.BuyerScriptStackExtraSmall.jpg

  • Buyer Role Play CD - Nothing is better than hearing someone deal with the toughest situations in real estate. In this CD you will hear James handle multiple objections and issues from a buyer.

  • Buyer Mindset CD - Being successful with buyers requires having the right mindset every day. This CD is designed to mentally prepare you and give you the mental tools to succeed with buyers.

  • Buyer Role Play CD #2 - Hear more situations that confront you everyday in real estate and learn how to successfully navigate situations so that you can close more business.

  • Voicemail Scripts CD - Get a set of voicemails to leave clients that will get them to call you back. With this powerful CD you will get multiple different voicemails that will catch the attention of your prospects.

  • Buyer Follow-up E-mails - Never stay at a blank screen again. These e-mails give you the templates for success to get prospects to write you back.

  • Buyer Appointment Form - This one form will single handly change the way you do buyers appointments and will put you in control.

  • Bonuses Included - How to do a Buyer Consultation, Buyer Consultation Objections Training, Transcripts of all Role Play, Objection, & Voicemail CD, Succeed Online CD's #1 & #2.

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